Not sure what items to post on your Social Media Platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and others for the month of May


Now you can purchase your own May 2021 Calendar, where we did all the hard work of thinking about each idea of what you could post next for your customers to see. Each one of our ideas comes with suggestions that help to keep your customers engaged, up to date with information on all the things you're doing at your Car Dealership or Collision Repair facility.  


We also include important post ideas that include;

- Important Dates

- Holiday Post Ideas

- Automotive Posts

- Business Post Recommendations

- And posts to have your customers engage with your business! 


We've provided you with 31 days of post ideas for your business and for your customers.


Why do the work of thinking about what to post next when we've already done the work for you?



  • Automotive specific
    • The GREY boxes will be automotive specific to educate your customers on your business
    • The WHITE boxes are all about asking your customers (and potential customers) questions to get to know them and build a trusting relationship.
  • Posts have been created to comply with social media algorithms to be set up for social media marketing success (although, photo quality and timing play a big part as well). 
  • We have implemented 50+ hours of work into these calendars saving you and your business a TON of time, money and work. 
  • You can now PRO-ACTIVELY plan your marketing and business posts well in advance to ensure your business message is exactly how you want it to be to your customers. 


How it Works:

  • Click to purchase and download your copy.
  • Once downloaded, take some time to review the calendar.  

    You may want to add additional posts, add special events and dates that are specific to your business or products that your planning to sell.

  • Next, you'll need to source out your photos by either a.) taking them yourself b.) buying them from an online stock photo company or c.) hiring us to do all the sourcing and posting for you. 
  • Either pre-schedule or post your post on your social media platform that day! 
  • Voila! That easy. 


If you have any questions or would like for us to manage your social media accounts for you, please feel free to reach out to us at or 1-888-603-0338.

May Social Media Content Calendar



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