EstVis: The No Fuss Customer Drop Off Solution

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As soon as the customer arrives at the bodyshop to drop off his or her vehicle, the customer can face several challenges.

The drop off procedure can be time consuming - and not only for a customer but also for the bodyshop staff. Upon arrival the vehicle owner meets with the bodyshop staff member who collects all necessary data, manually fills it in the Work Authorisation form, prints it and waits for the customer to check and sign the form. At first glimpse, this procedure might seem easy and quick. But what if you have more than one customer lined up at your shop impatiently waiting for the manager to welcome them?

Even if you have a waiting room where all the customers can comfortably wait for their turn - this can be unsafe during the times of COVID-19.

However, we have a solution for all these problems that has already been applied in several bodyshops in Florida and demonstrated its high performance - EstVis- the software we produced two years ago. So let me explain to you how EstVis can help your shop at drop off.

Step 1

As soon as the insurance company adds a new assignment, it’s instantly imported into EstVis, where it’s defined as the case and contains all the vehicle and customer data.

Step 2

The vehicle owner automatically gets a notification on a mobile, which asks him to take damaged photos and sign the Work Authorisation form distantly.

Step 3

And as the bodyshop manager gets the photos he can pre-order the required parts to reduce the time spent on repairs. (By the way, EstVis automatically looks for cheaper parts available on aftermarkets, saving your money).

Step 4

When the parts arrive, the customer gets an automatic notification and chooses the date and time he’s going to drop off the vehicle.

Step 5

Then just drops off the vehicle and the keys at the bodyshop. No more actions, no waste of time, and no more unhappy customers!

So why don’t you try this service and optimize your bodyshop work?

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