The Car Lady Canada: How to Locate Your Spare Tire

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We should call her “the lady that knows all features on all brands of vehicles”.

In this month's vehicle feature tip, Christine from @thecarladycanada shares some valuable information on where to locate the spare tire on a customer's vehicle in the case of an emergency.

This Guest Video was created by Christine Mitchell at The Car Lady Canada.

You can check out their website

Description of Company: Christine Mitchell found her life’s passion at 16 when she got her first job in the lube lane of her local car dealership. Christine spent many years in the automotive industry as a technician, service advisor and salesperson before she put down her wrenches to start The Car Lady Canada.

For the last 24 years as the Principal and President of The Car Lady Canada, Christine has built a company in the automotive space from the ground up. Armed with extensive knowledge and a passion for education, Christine changed the game for “second delivery” programs at over 100 dealerships across Canada. Know Your Car Night events and Women at the Wheel events have increased customer retention, satisfaction and revenues while allowing Christine to build solid relationships within the automotive industry.

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