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In my best selling book, Success Manifesto, co-authored with Brian Tracy, I start by looking at what I consider a great leadership myth, the concept that there are born leaders.

I posit that there is no such thing. One of the strongest reasons that this is the fact is because we learn over 75% of what we know through what is called “modelling”. Modelling is actually mimicry of what someone else does. We observe it then we try to duplicate it.

It is plain to those that study these kinds of things for a living that when we see what appears to be a “natural” at anything, it is likely there has been an opportunity for modelling to have imprinted on the person. That does not mean there is no room for talent or a propensity or an aptitude toward a certain skill. There is. Witness my golf game - it isn’t bad but I do not possess the natural, fluid movements of a Tiger, Rory or Ricky. I have however over time and plenty of practice (and money spent on lessons) been able to develop into a decent golfer.

I believe leadership is in the same category. There are people that have a propensity to engage the right skills almost effortlessly thus they appear to be a “natural”. That ability is a plus but the point is that those of us without it are not limited because we do not possess it. We can learn the skill set necessary to become very proficient if we apply ourselves properly.

That application of one’s self usually involves modelling for what is mentoring if it does not involve observations of behaviours? It does of course in addition to counsel and teaching. Last article I established that there are “un-coachable” people and advised to take an inventory of staff to ensure you do not have any onboard. During that inventory, you probably tripped over some very likely candidates that hold the potential to become leaders. You can start with them. You have to take them under your wing and nurture them along the path, they won’t find it independently.

"During that inventory, you probably tripped over some very likely candidates that hold the potential to become leaders".

Another thing I advise is to use assessment tools that can screen in both inward and outward ways. What I mean is that a good assessment tool will be able to tell you who holds the potential and disposition for moving up into a leadership role as well as the identification of those that should not be onboard your ship. I use one that is very sophisticated and just concluded a report for a client where the assessment was exercised on 10 of existing staff. The results were a clarification for him showing which of the 10 were appropriate to invest in leadership training and which were to be ruled out as their aptitude was less than what was needed for his organization.

In today’s business environment it makes more sense than ever to look for the diamonds in your backyard before you go looking elsewhere for people to help you grow.

Guest Blog Post created by Jay Perry and his team at @AllyBusinessCoaching

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