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The last decade and 2020, in particular, has changed our lives in a completely different

way once and for all. The new world has become a trigger for brand new products and

services and rethinking of those that already exist. These changes have affected businesses and industries from all over the world and the automotive industry is no exception. In this article, our EstVis team decided to reflect on the 2021 Bodyshop.

To begin with, let’s define what benefits the 2021 Bodyshop will bring to its owners and

customers. The key to a successful business is satisfied customers so the modern body shop should provide a customer with a wide range of available services. Being notified is an essential customers’ need – and they want to be informed about all the changes happening to their vehicles and at the same time they don’t want to make numerous phone calls and wait for the answers wasting their time. So having automatic customer notifications is a great solution for this need.

"The key to a successful business is satisfied customers so the modern body shop should provide a customer with a wide range of available services."

What is more, many businesses integrate contactless services that are highly

appreciated in the time of COVID-19 and body shops also have such an opportunity by

asking customers to take and upload damaged photos and sign work authorization forms

distantly using their mobile devices.

As for the owners and managers, the 2021 Bodyshop becomes easier to manage and

operate with the help of brand new software which also automatically records all the

body shop operations, schedules works, generates key data reports for insurance companies, show current KPIs, and so on.

Having an organized warehouse where you can keep and easily find necessary auto parts

is a dream of many body shop owners. The dream that is fulfilled in the 2021 Bodyshop

as well as simplified photo documentation process. You don’t need to take damaged

photos on your camera, upload them on the computer, name every photo and put it

into one of the thousands of folders! Those all done via your mobile device and the data is

uploaded on your body shop's server where it’s securely kept and can be reached

anywhere and anytime.

And last but not least – the interaction of the 2021 Bodyshop and insurance

companies have never been so easy – new assignments instantly appear on body shops

computers and work authorizations are automatically generated in accordance with

insurance company’s requirements.

As you see the 2021 Bodyshop is a conception that embodies our vision of the collision

repair business considering the accumulated experience.

And what do you think about this conception? Let’s share our ideas using #the2021bodyshop hashtag and maybe together we will bring the collision repair industry

into a higher level!

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